Voiceable offers a next level service interface by analyzing the context/content on the screen. It secures an accurate understanding of voice commands as well as a dramatical reduction of the service latency.

Ban:Vocada mobile app

The main function of ‘Ban:Vocada’ is to automatically create a playback section using sound waves from media files such as movies and music.

HOTDUK mobile app

HOTDUK is a mobile app service for K-pop fans to meet fan mates with similar disposition and engage in various fan activities.

Altimedia Corporate Overview

Altimedia offers state-of-the-art media solutions succeeding Alticast’s proven technologies and intellectual assets.
AltiPlatform is one of the world’s most widely adopted middleware and has been ported to over 50 million set-top boxes from various STB Manufacturers, chipset families, and operating systems.
A.UX:Assemble is designed for each user’s new media life, including media usage patterns.
A.UX:Clip provides an experience that makes the content navigation easier and faster to with the ‘content-related content’ browsing method.
Home Dashboard UI offered by A.UX:ALive provides cards and widgets which effectively list contents that meet the preference of each user.